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How To Help Lip & Cheek Irritation From Braces

After getting braces your mouth is probably going to be sore and irritated, this is because your mouth isn't accustomed to having the braces there. In this blog the team at Fraser Valley Orthodontics in Langley share tips and tricks that can help you manage the mouth, lip and cheek discomfort felt at the start of your braces treatment.


Time is the most important aspect when dealing with pain and irritation, because it will take your mouth a couple of weeks to get "tougher" and adjust to the new braces. Once your mouth is used to the feeling the discomfort will fade away.

Meanwhile, we have provided a list of methods below which can help you manage the pain. 

Rinse Your Mouth With Salted Water

Rinsing your mouth out with salted water has been proven to help ease the pain brought on by braces.

This concoction is made by stirring 1/2 a teaspoon of salt into one cup of warm water until it has fully dissolved. Once that has finished swish the water in your mouth for roughly 30 seconds, spitting it out into the sink once the time is up. Continue this pattern until the salted water is finished. This can be repeated as many times as required.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Warm Water

If the salt water doesn't assist in easing your pain, try this mixture which has a comparable outcome.

In a glass add 50% water to 50% hydrogen peroxide, then swish a mouth full of the contents in you mouth for 30 seconds ( spitting it out after) til the cup is empty.

Barrier Products & Alleviating Pain

Try the following products to help lessen the discomfort you feel, while adjusting to your braces:

Dental Wax

The most popular choice people make when seeking relief from braces discomfort is dental wax. Dental wax builds a barrier between your braces and inner mouth, lowering the amount of friction letting sores and irritation heal. 

Follow the steps below to apply dental wax:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Brush your teeth to clean the area you are applying the wax to.
  3. Roll a small piece of wax into a ball, using just enough wax to cover the wire or bracket causing the irritation ( this makes the wax easier to apply).
  4. Gently press the wax on the spot (wire or bracket) that's creating the irritation.
  5. Spread your wax in place, making a small bump on top of the bracket/wire. This should prevent more friction from occurring.

Lip Protectors

These flexible protectors are “bumpers” that cover your braces from one end to the other. They work as a shield for your gums and lips, protecting them from the braces.

GUM® Rincinol PRN

GUM® Rincinol PRN is a mouth sore rinse that uses aloe-vera as it's base. This product helps the irritation from braces heal, providing up to 6 hours of pain relief.

GUM® Canker-X

Another aloe vera-based item. GUM® Canker-X is a gel that helps your mouth heal and protects it from mouth sores, canker sores and small cuts and abrasions by, acting as a shield.

Comfort Brace

Comfort Brace Protective Strips have a similar appearance to whitening strips and works to build a barrier that sits between the inside of your cheeks/ lips and braces. They protect the inside of your mouth from the braces, allowing it to heal. 

Contact Fraser Valley Orthodontics in Langley to learn more about the discomfort caused by braces and how to help. 

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