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Talking With Braces- How to Make it Easier

You might notice it can be little tough to speak when you get new braces, that's why our Langley orthodontists share some advice on how you can overcome these challenges! 

Before we get further into the blog, you should note that if you are having troubles with speaking when you first get braces, you have no need to feel embarrassed!

The majority of people experience some speaking challenges when they first get braces. Remember that this is normal and with these tips and a bit of effort you can navigate this path and start speaking normally again swiftly.

1. This is a Temporary Situation.

The braces will feel a bit odd when you first get them and this may create some difficulties when you try to talk and move your tongue / other parts of your face and mouth. However, they will adjust over time and it will begin to feel normal.

2. Educate Yourself on the Functions of Speech.

It will be worth taking a bit of time to educate yourself on the functions of speech. This will provide you with some useful insights, to help you start speaking normally again. It is also very interesting learning about how your body adds to the way you talk. 

3. Try Using Orthodontic Wax.

You can make a smooth barrier in the middle of your cheeks and braces using orthodontic wax, this lowers the amount of friction and makes it more comfortable to speak.

4. Practice Makes Perfect!

The best and most important thing you can do to get comfortable speaking with braces is to simply practice, you can start this by doing some speech drills that are available online. Other great ways to get yourself accustomed to speaking with braces is by singing and reading out-loud.

You can even help yourself practice by doing so in front of a mirror or by recording your practice sessions to spot any mistakes you make and find where you are having problems. 

If you need more advice or guidance on how to speak with your new braces Contact our Fraser Valley Orthodontics office in Langley today.

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