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The Importance of Visiting the Dentist During Orthodontic Treatment

It's essential to see your orthodontist regularly during your orthodontic treatment for checkups and adjustments. But, did you know it's important to visit your dentist routinely too? Here, our Langley orthodontists explain why.

During your orthodontic treatment, you will probably be spending a fair amount of time in your orthodontist's office, whether you are using braces or Invisalign. This is because your orthodontist has to assess the progress of your treatment regularly to ensure everything is on track.

However, it's also important to schedule regular appointments with your dentist for checkups and cleanings during your orthodontic treatment. Actually, you might find that more dental visits than usual are beneficial.

An orthodontist’s job is to straighten your teeth and give you a healthy, stable bite, and they won't be able to accomplish this if your oral health is being compromised by cavities or gum disease.

Wearing braces, or even Invisalign can create more crevices on your teeth where food particles, plaque, and debris can get stuck. Even those who are very diligent about brushing and flossing their teeth thoroughly are at a higher risk of developing gum disease or cavities during orthodontic treatment for this exact reason. This makes it essential to see your dentist regularly throughout your treatment.

Your dentist is able to remove any excess tartar or plaque buildup and keep any problems from developing in the first place. And if there is a problem arising, your dentist can spot it early on, preventing it from getting worse and helping you keep your orthodontic treatment on track, too.

Your dentist will let you know if they think extra visits during your orthodontic treatment are needed, or if you can keep visiting every six months as normal.

To learn more about implementing and maintaining a good oral healthcare routine during your orthodontic treatment contact our Langley orthodontists today to schedule an appointment.

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