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Getting Your Braces Off: The Process & What To Expect

Are you worried about getting your braces off? Today, our Langley orthodontists explain the process to you in detail and what you can expect after getting your braces removed.

Many patients look forward to getting their braces removed after having to wear them for an average of 18-24 months, and get to enjoy some of the freedoms of not having to wear braces anymore. Other patients however become worried and sometimes even fear what is unknown. Our orthodontists understand your anxiety and want to share some information on the process so you can look forward to your new, straighter smile without worry.

How Braces Are Removed

The bonding adhesive holding your brackets will need to be broken in order for your braces to be removed. Your orthodontist will use specific tools that will help release the brackets. Following the removal of your braces, your teeth will be polished so any residual bonding cement can be removed. This is when they take an impression of your teeth so your retainers can be custom-made. It takes approximately an hour for this entire process to be completed. 

Will Getting Your Braces Removed Hurt?

The braces removal process is similar to when you had them applied. Your orthodontist might have to use a bit of force to remove the adhesive. This could make your gums and teeth a little sore for the following few hours. Your mouth will be sensitive and you may experience some discomfort, but if you do feel pain, talk to your orthodontist.

What To Expect After Braces Removal

There will be an adjustment period after having your braces removed similar to when your braces were first put on

You will be instructed to refrain from eating anything that would require too much chewing. You might find that eating will seem strange initially as you re-learn the feeling of eating without brackets. You might have teeth that are slightly yellowed, however, you may be able to reverse this with teeth whitening at your dentist's office, you just have to wait a month or more before the whitening treatment so the sensitivity can be reduced. 

Another thing you may notice are calluses on your lips that may have developed in response to the metal braces which you'll now be able to feel, but they will gradually dissipate. Brushing your teeth will also be much simpler with your braces removed, you'll no longer need any special brushes or tools.

After having your braces removed you will have to wear a retainer so your adjustments can be preserved. You might have to wear your retainer for several years or indefinitely, your orthodontist will be able to tell you what your specific requirements are.

Contact our Langley orthodontists today to learn more about taking care of your smile during and after braces treatment. 

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