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Will I Talk Different With Braces or Aligners?

Will I Talk Different With Braces or Aligners?

Before starting your orthodontic treatment you'll likely have many concerns about how your life is going to change. Our Langley orthodontists are here to talk about any changes in your speech during your treatment.

When starting orthodontic treatment, some patients will experience changes in their speech no matter if they chose standard braces or clear aligners. Remember that this is normal and should go away fairly quickly.

The following tips should help you get back to speaking normally as quickly as possible:

1. This shouldn't last forever

Your new braces or clear aligners may cause you some discomfort at first and can make it difficult for your tongue and lips to function normally when talking. Thankfully, you will adjust and overcome this issue.

2. Learn how your oral structure function

Taking some time to learn about your speech functions is definitely worth your time.

Surprisingly, nearly your entire body contributes to your speech, and your new knowledge will also give you some useful tools that will help you get back to speaking the way you normally do.

3. Use orthodontic wax

This product can create a smooth barrier that keeps your braces from irritating the inside of your cheeks. This helps prevent friction and can help you speak more comfortably, too.

4. Make sure to practice

The most important step you can take to get used to talking with braces is to practice doing it! You can try singing, speaking or reading aloud to yourself, or even speech drills (you can find some free ones online!).

It may help to do this in front of the mirror, or even to record yourself, so that you can more easily catch your problem areas and sticking spots.

If you are struggling with your speech during your orthodontic treatment contact Fraser Valley Orthodontics for more information or advice on talking with your new braces.

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