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What Is Phase 2 Orthodontic Care?

What Is Phase 2 Orthodontic Care?

While it might sound a bit intimidating to hear "phase 2 orthodontics" in reality it's actually the type of orthodontic treatment that everyone is most familiar with. Our Langley orthodontists are here to explain more. 

Phase 2 Orthodontic Treatment

Once a child has completed phase 1 orthodontic treatment they may still need phase 2 treatment once all permanent teeth have grown in. This type of treatment often involves braces or clear aligners for roughly 24 months. After this, a retainer will need to be worn to make sure your teeth don't start to shift back into the wrong position. 

The ultimate goal of phase 2 orthodontics is to correct misalignment issues and offer balance with the lips, cheek, tongue, and other teeth. When this equilibrium is established, the teeth should function together properly.

This second phase of orthodontic treatment typically involves full upper and lower braces. At the beginning of the first phase, orthodontic records were made and a diagnosis and treatment plan were established. Certain types of appliances were used in the first phase to correct and realign the teeth and jaw.

Signs of Needing Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Any of the following signs may indicate your child may be a good candidate for phase 2 treatment:

  • Thumb-sucking after age 5
  • Biting or chewing problems
  • Protruding upper or lower teeth
  • Losing baby teeth early (before age 5)
  • If teeth become crowded at age 7 or 8
  • If the teeth don’t come together properly when opening, or any evidence of crossbite

If you are looking for more information on two-phase orthodontic treatment, book an appointment with our Langley orthodontists right away!

What Phase 2 Orthodontic Treatment Can Do

Help the jaws develop to ensure adequate space for all of the permanent teeth, especially the permanent canines.

  • Intervene in a child’s prolonged thumb sucking or abnormal swallowing.
  • Makes for easier treatment in growing children that would require extensive treatment after growth ends.
  • May reduce the need to extract permanent teeth later on.
  • Fix the alignment of the jaw for under and overbites.
  • Tuck in upper front teeth that stick out to reduce the risk of those teeth being broken or knocked out.

If you would like to learn more about how your smile might be changed with clear aligners or braces, contact our Langley orthodontists today to book a consultation.

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